About Us

Trash & Treasure Markets the first in Sunday Markets, and the largest operator of open air chattel markets in Australia, pioneered the unique concept of Trash & Treasure markets in this country.It now operates in two states, Victoria and New South Wales, with its Registered Office being located in New South Wales.The markets began in Melbourne in 1967 with an entirely new concept of marketing goods, by way of providing a forum where second hand goods that could legally be offered for sale, could be sold.From those humble beginnings in 1967, the company rapidly expanded from the early 1970's, to what it is today.

The whole unique idea behind Trash & Treasure markets, is to bring private buyers, sellers and swappers together at a venue, run by a well organised team of experienced staff, enabling them to deal with each other in an attractive and vibrant market atmosphere.Those wishing to participate, simply bundle up their unwanted goods, crafts, hobbies or whatever, load up the car and drive to the market.You can hire a table if required, set up a stall, commence selling, and start making money! The hardest part is getting out of bed early on Sunday mornings! A market stall is a simple and safer alternative to a home garage sale.Gates open to stall holders nice and early, allowing ample time to set up shop in readiness for the onslaught of buyers, eager to purchase, barter and haggle over goods being offered for sale.

There are no social class barriers at a Trash & Treasure market, which is witness to a wide variety of multicultural sellers.From the average Mums and Dads with their stall selling garage sale type bits and pieces, the ethnic fruit and veg stall vendor, the art and craft type stall, as well as the 'upmarket' people specialising in new goods, ranging from chic clothing, bric a brac, shoes, glassware, furniture, toys, moccasin slippers, electrical goods, and so on. At 8.00 am, the gates open to thousands of buyers, keen to take advantage of the hundreds of bargains to be found at the market.

Perhaps they are hunting for that certain something, or to just simply browse away the hours. Whatever the case, people just love our Trash & Treasure markets selling second hand goods, new goods, antiques and collectables, furniture, plants, goldfish, fruit and vegetables, tools, and lots more, too numerous to mention. A unique, interesting, exciting and unusual family outing.

Trash & Treasure markets open every Sunday with no bookings being required. Charities and Fund Raising groups are admitted free, by prior arrangement.There is plenty of free parking available, as well as toilet facilities and refreshments.