Trash and Treasure Sunday Market at Wantirna. 251 Mountain Highway WANTIRNA. Open every Sunday weather permitting.

Sellers 5.00am - no bookings required.

Buyers 8.00am. to 2.00pm. No dogs allowed. Stalls selling new & second hand goods, antiques & craft. Toilet facilities and refreshments.Plenty of free off street parking.


Required 5:00am
Closing Time 2:00pm
Stall Space $45.00
Extra Half Space $22.50
Table Hire $6.00ea
Opening Time 8:00am
Entry $2.00
Pensioners $1.40
Children under 15 Free
Early Bird admittance $6.00

251 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna, VIC

FAQ about Trash and Treasure market at Wantirna.

What can I sell?

New and secondhand goods.

Fruit and Vegetables.

Some packaged food may be sold, only with prior Management approval.

Domestic Pets except Cats and Dogs if adequate shelter, space, food and water is provided. (Not allowed at Dandenong South, Coburg and Wantirna Markets). Live Fish accepted however.

What can't I sell?

No illegally copied items that infringe Copyright and Trade Mark Law can be sold at our markets. The counterfeit ruling applies to all articles of clothing, hats, footwear, sunglasses, watches, cosmetics & perfume, pirated DVD's, CD's, Videos, Audiotapes, Software, Floppy Discs, PlayStation games and all new-copied goods.

No Food, Drink or Confectionary unless prior approval of Management.

No Livestock other than Domestic Pets as stated.

No protected Flora or Fauna.

No Drugs or Medicines, Alcohol, dangerous or offensive items.

No Firearms or Weapons, Pornographic or any other materials deemed objectionable by Management.

The sale of lottery, art union or raffle tickets, the conducting of any guessing game, lucky dip, chocolate wheel, side-show, competition, or game of chance is prohibited unless prior approval by Management. Consideration will only be given to holders of a current licence from the relevant State Authority. Final approval will be at the sole discretion of Management. If approved, such activities must be confined to the allocated stall space.

No motorised rides (battery or otherwise), non-motorised rides, animal rides or animal drawn rides, amusement apparatus eg. Jumping castle, merry-go-round etc, or animal farms are allowed without prior approval of Management. Consideration will only be given to holders of a current $10M Public Liability Insurance Policy. Final approval will be at the sole discretion of Management and available market space on the day.

What can I hire?

Stall spaces (6m frontage x 3.66m deep, approx. 12' x 20')

An extra half space must be hired to accomodate vehicles with trailers.

Trestle tables (1.83m x .76m) or (6' x 2'6").

Does my stall space have any power?

No. The stall space that you hire does not have power outlets, however several 'Test Points' are available for the testing of appliances only.

When does Trash & Treasure operate?

All markets open every Sunday weather permitting, with the exception of Christmas Day Sundays. Some markets do not operate on Anzac Day Sundays, so please contact HO to check. Also every Wednesday weather permitting at Prestons NSW (with the exception of Christmas Day Wednesdays and New Years Day Wednesdays).

Do I need to book a space?

No, just turn up, bookings aren't necessary. Staff assign stall space to sellers in order of arrival.

Are Charities entitled to free stall space?

Yes. Charities and Fund Raising Groups are permitted one free stall space, but only by prior arrangement with Management. Minimum two weeks notice required.

Can I use Loud Speakers on my stall?

No, stallholders are prohibited from disturbing other market participants by shouting, playing loud music or making sounds to draw attention to their wares.

Am I allowed to erect an umbrella or canopy?

Yes, providing they are properly secured and weighted down. Sellers must also ensure that umbrellas and canopies do not pose a risk to market patrons by protruding beyond allocated stall space and overhanging walkways.

Do I have to clean up afterwards?

Yes. It is the stallholder's responsibility to take their own rubbish and unsold items with them, leaving stall spaces clean and tidy. Bins are available on site for litter and food scraps.